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Palermo is a city with rich rewards for cultural explorers, ready to experience the city in all its facets. The unique beauty and charms of Southern Italy will draw you in and stay with you – trust us – we’ve been there! The rich tapestry of Palermitano fashion, food and lifestyle is addictive, with something new always waiting to be discovered. And there’s always the possibility to simply kick back and relax in of the city’s many parks. (Photo: Team Filly Biz).

The Bar Obika at Rinascente department store

First steps

We understand that our guests usually prefer to spend time in the quieter and less crowded areas of the city, using these as a base from which to venture to the more touristy neighbourhoods and attractions. Want to recharge your batteries (literally or metaphorically!) in a chilled-out cafe or bar?We have some of our favourites to recommend! And the website of our good friends at Trip Tipp offers plenty of routes to explore the historic heart of Palermo whilst dodging the day-trippers.

On a discovery tour of Palermo with fashion from Filly Biz

Discover Palermo on foot

Staying in one of our beautiful city centre apartments? You’re starting from the perfect place to discover the old town on foot. The area is so beautiful and filled with attractions that you can hardly go wrong, but if you’re looking for local tips we’re happy to offer a wide variety on this website! Huge thanks to our friends at the Filly Biz team for the photos.

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Discovering Palermo by bus

Discovering Palermo by bus

Do you normally avoid city tours? Prefer the freedom to explore independently? Palermo has a great compromise! The tour buses here are ‘hop-on, hop-off’, meaning that you can mix up your day with stages on foot and moments where your feet are up and the sights are being pointed out to you. You can find the exact bus routes on the site of our good friends at Trip Tipp.

Fountain in front of the cathedral of Monreale

Multiculturalism in Monreale

The word “multicultural” is everywhere in modern life, but for the citizens of Palermo it’s been in our blood for centuries. Go back even a thousand years and you will find Arab, Byzantine and Norman culture intertwined. This mix was literally solidified in the walls of the mighty cathedral at Monreale. UNESCO gave it patronage as a World Heritage Site, recognising its genuinely unique blend of the various artistic currents of history. Our good friends at Trip Tip can show you the easiest way to make the journey to Monreale.

The Essence of Sicily

Palermo, and Sicily at large, are so much more than the clichés of Mafia, fashion and devotion to the Madonna. This beautiful video introduces the long history of the sun-bathed island we love and call home. We at Palermo Blu thank the team of film-makers for this outstanding work and congratulate them on their success:

Sicily video 'The Essence of Sicily'
The restaurant on the beach of Mondello

Magical Mondello

A turquoise sea with a kilometre-long sandy beach: this tropical paradise awaits you in Mondello just minutes outside Palermo. You could visit every day and sooner or later find the entire stretch of beach to yourself. Our good friends at Trip Tipp can explain how to get there.

Filly Biz at a fashion show in Palermo

Palermo: Fashion Paradise

A true icon of Italian couture has its roots here in Sicily, the birthplace of Domenico Dolce (famous for his collaboration with Stefano Gabbana). However, Palermo has much more to offer the dedicated follower of fashion – find out more on this map. The image above shows a very special variety of Sicilian fashion – the wearable art of our good friends at Filly Biz.

Mit der Trenitalia auf Entdeckungstour durch Sizilien

Excursions by bus and train

Would you like to get out of the centre of Palermo without the hassle or expense of renting a car? No problem at all: the Centrale railway station is within 15 minutes walk of all of our apartments. Whether you want to explore the immediate surroundings of Palermo or take a trip across the island to one of the other beautiful cities, this is the starting point you need. Chesk out some of our top travel tips on this map.

Further Information

Get your bearings

Want to know exactly where the accommodation is located, and the quickest way to reach it from the airport? Planning to explore the old town? We have the perfect map for all your navigational needs!

Perhaps you’re fascinated by fashion, aching for activities or concerned with cuisine? We have the best local tips to share:

Up for the challenge of discovering every last corner of Palermo? No guide to show you around? You’re in safe local hands:

Looking to venture outside Palermo by bus or train? Check out this site for recommended destinations! Then these maps will help you make your way there on public transport:

  • Excursions by Bus and Train
    (Feeling fearless? Visit the Villa of Monsters. Culture vulture? Discover the island’s Greek theatres. Cinema Buff? Get on the trail of The Godfather)

Coming to Palermo on a cruise? Want to discover the city independently? Just follow this map:

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