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The glory of winter in Palermo is a plentiful supply of sunshine in which to explore the city: in January the average is over five hours a day. So, as the composer Richard Wagner once advised, Palermo and Sicily in general are an excellent winter destination. A superb moment, away from the tourist throngs, to enjoy the island. And in winter one thing is unmissable: the waterfalls.

Sicily is sunny and green in winter

Palermo as a Base

Dreaming of a winter in the sun but still well connected to the centre of Europe? Palermo is the place for you.

Even on the rare occasions when the sun is not shining in Sicily you will never find yourself bored. Palermo offers a wealth of fashion, art, history and culture in which to immerse yourself. And the many sunny days in winter make the perfect time to explore the island:

  • The Sicilian flora and fauna is particularly beautiful in winter.
  • The magnificent archaeological sites and Greek temples are less crowded.
  • As well as Palermo, there are other numerous other splendid cities to explore in Sicily that are uncrowded by mass tourism in winter.
  • Numerous hidden gems (like Sant’Elia in the video on the left) are just waiting to be discovered by you.

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Stay in shape

Stay in shape

As any doctor will agree, the secret to a long and happy life is a healthy dose of outdoor physical activity. Even better when the temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold – Palermo in winter is the perfect climate for outdoor pursuits. Whether you want to get out and try water sports on the open sea or take a run through the city’s many green spaces, you will find something to quicken the pulse and put a smile on your face.

Sicily is full of waterfalls in winter


The natural landscape in Sicily in winter is verdant green and full of bright fields of flowers. The island’s sprawling beaches (such as the one just outside Palermo at Mondello) are practically empty during the winter and will be calling you for long walks. Our good friends at Trip Tipp can point you in the direction of some of the most beautiful spots on the sea and amongst the green parks of Palermo.

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Greek temple near Agrigento

The Temples

Italy may seem a strange place to find Greek ruins, but in ancient times Sicily was ruled by Greece. It was no mere colony, but a multicultural and prestigious commercial centre, known, not by chance, as “Magna Grecia”, or Greater Greece. Evidence of this remains in the form of the island’s vast Greek temples, still remarkably well preserved today. In winter, when the tourist season is over, you can enjoy them practically to yourself. The website of our good friends at Trip Tipp will help you explore the wonders of “Greek” Sicily.

The Essence of Sicily

Palermo, and Sicily at large, are so much more than the clichés of Mafia, fashion and devotion to the Madonna. This beautiful video introduces the long history of the sun-bathed island we love and call home. We at Palermo Blu thank the team of film-makers for this outstanding work and congratulate them on their success:

Video 'The Essence of Sicily'

Relax in the pedestrian area of Trapani

Exploring beyond Palermo

As hard as it is to believe, Sicily offers fascination even outside the walls of Palermo! There is an incredibly tapestry of villages, towns, historical sites and geographical features – each of which exude the distinct Mediterranean charm, especially in the peaceful winter when tourist attractions can be enjoyed away from the crowds. Our good friends at Trip Tipp will be delighted to help you find the best and quickest way to get around the island.

The idyllic mountain town of Castelbuono

Idyllic excursions

We highly recommend taking trips to discover some of the idyllic places around Palermo. Here you will find stunning natural vistas, medieval castles and many other surprises. It can be hard to navigate the wide range of tourist guides, but for the best insider knowledge and recommendations we are always happy to suggest checking out the website of our good friends at Trip Tipp.

Further Information

Get your bearings

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