Palazzo Quaroni

In a chic area of the ‘Spanish Quarter’

  • Two elegant apartments
  • In the “Via Maqueda” pedestrianised zone
  • Parking available in underground garage ⇒ Directions
  • Map showing exact location
  • Ideal for winter stays
Palermo – Historic Old Town – Palazzo Quaroni
Regina Suite Apartment

“Regina Suite” Apartment

  • Perfect for 4 guests
  • 2 large double beds
  • Price: Please ask
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Malupilu Apartment

“Malupilu” Apartment

  • Perfect for 4 guests
  • 2 double beds
  • Price: Please ask
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Other Accommodation

Other Accommodation

  • In the historic heart of Palermo
  • From high standard to pure luxury
  • Ideal for winter stays
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Local contacts

Fabian Grüssner - Local contact

Your local point of contact for all Palermo Blu apartments is Fabian Gruessner:

  • Tel.: +39 091 956 608
  • Email:
  • Palermo Blu
    Via Pignatelli Aragona n. 7
    90141 Palermo
The Cathedral of Palermo

The Cathedral

After the Normans “liberated” Sicily from the Arabic people who had previously settled there, they began work on the cathedral of Palermo. But the Normans were not crusaders. On the contrary, they appreciated the beauty they saw in the Arabic culture of the time and drew inspiration widely, even in the design of their places of worship. For this reason the UNESCO world heritage site that is Palermo’s cathedral is characterised by a unique blend of Arabic and Norman architecture.

The opera 'Teatro Massimo'

The Teatro Massimo

One of the most famous buildings in Palermo is the “Teatro Massimo”. It is one of the largest indoor theatres ever built, home to world class performers and an iconic attraction in its own right, thanks above all to the role it played in the film “The Godfather Part III”. In real life, however, the “Teatro Massimo” is a central symbol of the fight against the Mafia – a fight which, after many decades of struggle – has finally been won. Palermo is now one of the safest cities in Italy.

The Fountain of Shame in the old city of Palermo

The Fountain of Shame

One of the most famous fountains in Palermo is the Fontana Pretoria, also known as the “fountain of shame”. Don’t be put off by the salacious name, however! The Piazza Pretoria is one of the spots in the city best loved not only by tourists, but also by locals. We definitely recommend paying a visit – after all, the fountain is only a 10-15 minute stroll from any of our accommodation. Tip: out of season you have the beautiful water feature almost to yourself. Another reason to spend a winter in Palermo.

Bar in the marina 'La Cala'

The “La Cala” Marina

“La Cala” is not just a wonderful place to relax, it’s a spot where history reaches out and takes your hand. Until 3000 years ago, “La Cala” was a perfect natural harbour. The Phoenicians were the first to discover it and founded one of their most important markets here. Our accommodations in the Palazzo Castrofilippo and the Palazzo Sambuca are within 10 minutes of the modern marina on foot.

The central station of Palermo

Central Station

For most people, holidays in Palermo begin at the central railway station: even those arriving by air will be ferried to this hub by the the trains and buses that leave from the airport. Our appartments are between 700m and 1km from the station. Those guests who are spending a little longer in Sicily will also find it very convenient to use the central train station for excursions beyond the city’s boundaries. Trains and buses depart daily to an unparalleled array of Greek temples, baroque villas with stone monsters and ancient medieval cities.

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